Mavic 2 Pro HLG, DLOG & Standard LUT Pack

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In-Development LUTs Pack!

This is not the full final LUT pack, this is a work in progress!

You can buy the pack now for a low price and receive free updates via email as I add more LUTs to the pack!

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Specific Cameras, Picture Profiles & Lighting Conditions

Every camera is different. Every camera has many picture profiles that are different from each other. Shooting the same settings, with the same camera - but a different picture profile will give you many different results. If you’ve ever tried to color grade a new camera’s footage, it can be really frustrating and time-consuming. I like making LUTs that make this process MUCH FASTER & EASIER!

Picture Profile Settings Included

Ever wonder what Mavic 2 Pro HLG picture profile settings to use? Included is a PDF with my picture settings when using all 3 picture profiles (Normal, HLG & DLOG).

Instant Email Digital Delivery

After purchasing, you'll receive an email (to the email you sign up for an account with) - or you can download the LUTs from the checkout confirmation page.